Thursday, 19 March 2009

ISTD competition: 3 Minutes

So, I decided to enter my Take Time Make Time project into the ISTD's 3 minutes brief which it originated from. As can be seen above, it was a lot of extra work in order to meet all the criteria. It has made me feel that I don't really agree with competitions - it took a lot of my time which could probably have put to more creative use. I guess its a lesson learnt and did teach me a thing or two.

Up The Wooden Hill

The book I made for my mum for Mother's Day. Hope she hasn't taken to regular watching of the blog, else the surprise will be ruined.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Page from the book, Lullaby Land by Eugene Field, 1897. Inspiration for the book of I'm going to make for mothers day. 

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Fletcher Moss

Found this beautiful place when running. Top shows the map I drew as I walked with the pink algae pond in the background. There are day-courses you can attend - I want to go to a one with a grassland ecologist.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


By The Foundry again. Such a nice 3d piece.

Produce in Season - The Foundry

Found this in Magma today - I want it for my kitchen so much. 

The Sartorialist

I am newly obsessed with The Sartorialist. The best style inspiration and beautiful photographs too.

Hay on Wye

'The Town of Books'. Indeed. It is so amazing in this little town. The second hand book shop housed in the castle spills out into the grounds. There are unmanned shops with tins to leave your money in. And the most wonderful map shop called 'Mostly Maps'.

All she wanted a was a kitten

From 'The Children's Encyclopedia', 1930.
My Granny got the 12 volumes for her 7th birthday. She told me she hated the books at the time, as all she wanted was a kitten. We both agreed that the illustrations are lovely now. I used a small selection in my Take Time Make Time response.

New Work

New Work do some really great work from my favourite city.  

The Play Box

Such a good christmas present. When creativity escapes, turn to this.

Mapping the Mundane

This is a book I made of maps showing meals I ate for a week. Now I want to continue mapping for my final project at uni, but I need to take a very different angle. Spoke to Teacake about it - they suggested I use other people's maps to inform me. Do walks, cycle routes, discover, collect, draw, re-map. Looking forward to getting started.


I am quite obsessed with maps. Sam Winston is amazing.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Take Time Make Time response

Eventually finished. Very pleased they have been sent out to participants.

Take Time Make Time pack (redesigned)

Initially I felt as if I was going backwards by redesigning this, but it has made the project seem more complete. It is smaller, so can be sent with a standard stamp and as the envelope is part of the design itself, there is no need for extra packaging (count those pennies).