Monday, 23 November 2009

Bed no.1

So, I am on the first of many dates with the floor tonight. My month of London floor-surfing begins tonight. All in the aid of a little job at Elle magazine until Christmas. 
Bed no.1: East London futon with flannel grey bedding.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Take care of yourself

I took advantage of last Thursday evening's late night opening at The Whitechapel Gallery which is exhibiting Sophie Calle's 'Take Care of Yourself'. 

Calle: "I received an email telling me it was over. I didn't know how to respond. It was almost as if it hadn't been meant for me. It ended with the words 'take care of yourself'. And so I did.
I asked 107 women chosen for their profession/skills to interpret this letter.
To analyse it, comment on it, dance it, sing it, exhaust it. understand it for me. Answer for me. It was a way of taking the time to break up.
A way of taking care of myself."

I was familiar with the project before I went to see the 107 responses, but all in a room together, it was quite powerful. The emotional beings that women are, attempting to understand a man's insensitive ending. A collection of interesting and varied responses to the words that fill the gallery. 
The predominantly female audience grew around the wall filled with films showing the video responses. We laugh, tut, roll our eyes together as the chosen women try to make sense. It feels like the room understands how unjust Calle's email ending was. Every one of the women in that room had a story, could relate. It sounds like corn-ville, but it felt like there was an unspoken solidarity in the room. It was nice.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Mapping the Mundane on Bibliotherapy tour

I have loaned a Mapping the Mundane adaptation book to Lucy May Schofield's Bibliotherapy tour - It has its own plastic wallet and is living amongst many many other beautiful artist books. How exciting!

New kids on the book block

Had to protect the precious books from the Manchester rain on my way to the Manchester Artist Book Fair...
... they survived...
... Good day - smiles all round
There was a certain naivety that came with Parlour Press' first book fair. We hope is was enderaing as opposed to unprofessional.
A successful day for the new kids.

Dad Advice

Lucy Vann and I collaborated on the book 'Dad Advice' which we came up with whilst on our summer travels...

A little piece of Mapping the Mundane

Mapping the Mundane had to be adapted for the Manchester Artist Book Fair, so people could buy a little piece of the project...

Friday, 6 November 2009

Parlour Press

Mandi and I spent Tuesday afternoon with tomato and chickpea soup & oatmeal and raisin cookies, designing the logo for Parlour Press. Now we are all set for the Manchester Artist Book Fair tomorrow! Its in the Holden Gallery in the Grosvenor Building at the Art School from 12 noon until 6pm - pop in and see some lovely books.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Books on tour

This afternoon, Mandi and I dreamt of our summer touring with the Parlour Press. Here was the beginning of our daydream... Think it is rather off the scale of our modest budget, but we want to get some creative book-lover, boat-owner to trust the 5 ladies of the Press with their boat so we can tour the UK. Boats of all shapes, sizes and conditions will be considered.

BOOKS ON TOUR shall be the chant.