Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pecha-Kucha cheat

I was invited to present my work at to one of Think Public's design clinics. Last Wednesday was the day... I walked around in circles on Brushfield Street, looking for the studios. Eventually a nice boy making coffees pointed me in the right direction.
There was popcorn and beers and crisps and wine and brownies to welcome the eight nervous participants. All armed with a Pecha-Kucha presentation and a christmas gift to give to another.
The work and disciplines were wide-ranging, making for a diverse set of presentations. I had familiarised myself with the Pecha-Kucha format (20 images, with each lasting for 20 seconds, then automatically continuing to the next - there isn't much pausing for breath involved!) and so had added 8 slides to my presentation when I saw that my template only contained room for 12. Apparently everyone else had stuck to the 12 they had been given. Using my initiative made me look a bit of a cheater I think.
A discussion about the service design industry followed... I have lots to learn! But I did have a few points to make. I would really like for them to think I wasn't a cheat and give me an internship! You never know... it is christmas after all.
The snoel snowflake transfers were my present with a grey card to make my own snow scene.

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