Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How It Is

How It Is is a huge dark chamber with a steel exterior exhibited by Miroslaw Balka in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern at the moment...

Balka explains it far better than I can:

" 'How shall I move forward?' you might ask yourself as you stand at the threshold, confronted by the darkness ahead. The unknown can be terrifying, especially if it is also without light. How you approach it is unique, as your first encounter with anything can only ever be as an individual. Staring into the black void may make you wonder whether to move ahead at all.
'It's fine' you reassure yourself, 'what can actually be inside?' How It Is is only complete when you, the viewer, enter. The container focuses you inwards, both physically and psychologically, deeper into the darkness. In choosing how to move ahead - to march in fearlessly, or to skirt along the walls - you create your own journey. But as you bump into others, or mistakenly grab a stranger's shoulder, your trepidation eases and collectively you navigate the void."

I began by entering the box in the center - no walls to hold on to, but I soon was exaggerating my steps and treading carefully (it feels like you are in a dream) and as I got further, was grabbing for my Dad's arm. Maybe thats it: I like to seem fearless, but in fact am not. Even a bit.

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