Sunday, 6 September 2009

'...a little bit more attention and imagination'

26th July '09: PARIS
By chance we saw a little flyer for a Jacques Tati exhibit that was on at La Cinematheque Francaise. I am now desperate to see all of his films. Love the graphics for posters - their playfulness makes them work well with the films thay are attached to. A very well curated and designed exhibition.
Here are a few quotes that were on the exhibition walls:
"I want my film to start when you leave the cinema" - Tati, 1967
"My method merely presupposes a little bit more attention and imagination from the spectator" - Tati, 1966
"I'm one of those film makers who love their films and don't mind not being seen by everyone, like an artist doesn't mind not having his work hung in every living room" - Tati, 1979

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