Sunday, 6 September 2009

Treat a complete stranger as a lover

26th July '09: PARIS
It was dresses all round. Lucy in spotty, me in red wrap. We had waited months for this evening. We followed the directions: From Alesia; take exit 6 and walk ahead about 10 steps, turn left and continue to traffic light; turn right and walk about 39 steps to big green gate, push open gate; walk to doorway A in the garden.
We were at Jim Haynes' for Sunday dinner. His philosophy was there, in every person in the kitchen and spilled down the steps into the courtyard garden. Every Sunday for 30 years, people from all over the world have come, along with 60 or more others for dinner. Jim is wonderful at remembering names, introductions and welcoming.
You meet such an array of people: Bernard, the software designer; Egor, the film distributer; D'yan, the singer-cum-comedienne, the list goes on. Its good to talk to people you wouldn't normally have the pleasure to. The whole experience was a pleasure.
A warm, friendly evening that was ended with a walk back to the Metro with new friends.

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