Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Stick arm island

31st July '09: FLEVOSTRAND
Waiting for the ferry to the tipi island (in Flevostrand, The Netherlands), we notice all the other campers have boxes upon boxes of food and supplies. Lucy and I have nothing. Oh dear. This really could be stick arm island we joke. Thankfully the man that moulds us into one ("Lucyahhhhhhlizzie" - I also become known as Lizzie for the weekend) takes us back to the mainland to purchase food. He also gives us a courgette from the island's vegetable garden. It certainly perks up our pasta which we cook on the little stove in the corner of the tent.
Our sahara tent (we can't afford a tipi) also appears to be home to an alarming amount of insects and bugs. Earwig massacre has to be performed. Aside from this, it is very homely. There are hammocks dotted about the island, a huge communal tipi with a fire in its centre, workshops that tipi dwellers can join in with. I swum in the lake and rowed around in a boat singing "Be my baby" rather too loudly.
The island and lake are just beautiful. It is so peaceful. Really pleased we visited a really interesting project and saw a bit more of Holland.

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