Saturday, 2 January 2010

No day but today...

I was going to do a ''my favourite/not so favourite parts of 2009'' post, but didn't want it to be some dire form of ''I got a 1st, went traveling, still don't understand boys'' effort. So I'll just say 2009 was generally very nice and I am ready for 2010 to be even nicer.
The resolutions for the new decade go as follows: 1. sweat baby sweat 2. don't stop believing 3. hold on tight to your dreams 4. move out 5. do things to make people's lives a little better-volunteer, projects 6. end the year with a glowing CV and a PAID job in something I want to do 7. eat mainly things that are green on the wheel of food fortune... 1 and 7 have already been broken (what can you do if its raining and you have a hangover to feed?!)
Anyway, the point of this was to say that I found the image above (on, and think the 'NO DAY BUT TODAY' notion is good inspiration to be all the things my resolutions hope. Not so much the 'my only goal is just to be' though - I can't do that. Proactive is the only way.


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