Thursday, 29 October 2009

Erm... BBC - look what I made for you

Over the summer a friend of mine did a typographic researching job for the BBC. The more I think about it, the more jealous I get... I LOVE researching and the library (which is where she spent the bulk of the time). So I decided to make the BBC a little something to introduce myself and make them see I would be a good little researcher to have on communication/design projects.
I climbed the few steps to the entrance of BBC Manchester, clutching the CV and hand-drawn intro I had packaged up in an A4 envolope so as not to fold my drawn HELLO. Only to be told by the lovely receptionist that they do not take any paperwork and they don't have a recruitment department that she could even hand it to. "Oh, ok" I replied with a dishartened smile.
Off I trundled, back down the steps with my silly envelope still in hand. So I am no closer to having a loving-the-library job and I wasted a good half hour of my life writing to people who aparantly don't exist.

APOLOGIES FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHS in this and the following few blog posts... no mac=no photoshop. Its all about levels.

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