Monday, 5 October 2009

"Look on the bright side..."

So, fellow high-achiever, Mandi Goodier and myself were invited back to MMU last week to give a talk entitled 'How to do 3rd Year' to Graphic Design and Illustration 3rd Years. We rather enjoyed ourselves - chattering away about our favourite year wasn't too taxing. And we were quite popular in the aftermath: "What are you doing now?" was the prevalent question. Erm...don't ask. You might wonder the point in getting a 1st. No, instead I explained the need to get back on your feet and try to get yourself 'out there'. I was there to inspire, not make half the year drop out.
I am ever realising that you have to do some not-so-great-things in order to be able to do the great stuff. The not-so-great phase I am experiencing at present is all part of the process. Smiling fakely at guests whilst working at a hotel, cutting up fruit and buttering bread in a sandwich shop is the reality of a recent graduate, I suppose. That I continually want to scream "WHAT AM I DOING?" just has to be pushed down.
I am trying my best to be patient.
It could be worse. As my Mum recently said "look on the bright side, you could have a disability". Yes, Mum, yes I could.

Image: book and illustration by NJ (2008 Design and Art Direction graduate)

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