Monday, 25 January 2010

Hot Desk Hot 7

I just presented my findings on measuring the impact of Hot Desking to the team at UsCreates... it went rather well, despite that my results are somewhat inconclusive.

They show that people think Hot Desking is beneficial to them in terms of creativity, inspiration and productivity. But this is is simply how they feel as opposed to concrete evidence to show that they actually are more/less productive/creative/inspired at certain desks. Does the fact that individuals psychlogically prefer desks mean they will perform in accordance with their feelings?
So that is the next stage: measuring how productive/creative/inspired individuals actually are. So much measuring, so little time! (Well, 4 days)! Whatever experiments I concoct, they have to be extensive enough that individuals could be having an off-hour/day and it will still measure their overall performance at that desk.
So there we go: thats my weeks work. Wish me luck!

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