Friday, 22 January 2010

Measuring Impact

Monday saw me as the new kid once again. This time, at behaviour change consultancy, UsCreates. After a first-day mishap of my knickers falling out of my bag whist trying to move a weeks worth of clothes off the top of my laptop (they were clean, I might add), I have settled in quite nicely and have discovered a love for chamomile tea made with dried chamomile flowers (instead of a tea bag) - the colour rather resembles your wee first thing in the morning!
Anyhow, as opposed to the usual dogs-body jobs, I was given a project of my very own to do... How do you measure impact?
Harder than you think. So I have spent the week coming up with what to measure, centered around UsCreates and then experiments and ideas of how to measure these.

At UsCreates, they hot desk, so I decided to begin by trying to measure the impact that hot desking has on UsCreates. The experiments ranged from the mundane (questionnaires; comments box; group discussion) to the slightly more interesting (playing musical chairs accompanied by David Bowie's 'Changes', with stickers and a chart to fill in at each stop; a paper tape measure for each individual to measure how far they were from everyone else in the room and then write that person a note at the measurement on the tape measure about anything they wished, using rosettes ranked 1 to 7 to award each desk in the office to show preference).
Hopefully the team think the breaks from work are light relief as opposed to a waste of their time.

I am in the process of evaluating the results, so I'll keep you posted.


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  2. Knickers is the funniest thing ever! it still makes me chuckle to myself. Oh my days, who is that girls that leaves her smalls lying around the office!?!?! thats what i imagine they were thinking. Still they were clean!